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Who are you?

Park Sack was created by Kaitlyn & Tom. We're locals who love all things Orlando!

When will my box arrive?

This will depend on when you place an order. If you order before the 20th of each month, you'll receive your box at the end of that current month. If your order after the 22nd, you'll receive your box at the end of the next month. Boxes are shipped between 22nd-28th of each month. You'll receive an email when your box has shipped!

How much will I receive?

You can typically expect 60% - 75% of the $30.00 value in your box. From time to time, we are able to add additional value, and we always select at least one box at random to provide a complimentary upgrade to and add extra surprise items. In order to remain compliant with Disney's rules so we can continue to bring you fun items each month, we are unable to use any discounts from annual passes, so we do purchase the items at full retail value.

Are my credit card details secure?

All of your details are securely encrypted meaning that only authorized parties can read it. We can't even see your credit card details. They're 100% secure. The only information we have is your name, your address, your email, and type of box that you ordered. We promise. We're the good guys! We understand how important it is to be safe online. Please do email us if you have any questions at all regarding privacy -

When will I be charged?

This will depend on when you order. If you order before the 20th of each month, you'll be charged immediately. You'll then be charged again on the 1st of every month ready for the next box. If you ordered after the 22nd you'll be charged immediately, and then charged again on the 1st after you've received your first box.

What items could I receive?

If you've visited Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando before you'll know there are literally thousands of items to choose from. You can expect snacks, toys, mugs, pins, kitchenware, shirts, keychains, and so much more! We'll do our best to find the amazing items for the best value of money!

Can I choose what's included?

Our team chooses some of the best merchandise that we can find and send it your way. Merchandise will be items that the majority of our customers will enjoy. This creates a cool surprise factor each month! If you'd like a custom box - email us

Can you ship internationally?

We can ship to pretty much every country; even some you've never heard of! Shipping outside the US will take longer but we'll keep you updated on where your box is.

How can I pay?

We accept all major credit & debit cards.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel at anytime using our member portal which will be provided to you when you place an order.

I have a blog! Can I get a free month?

Email us -

I still have questions!

Not a problem! Email us -